November 10, 2016

UAMS Rejoins Federal Work-Study Program

Isaiah Ozuna, a UAMS Master of Public Health work-study student.

This fall, UAMS rejoined the federal work-study program with $100,000 in federal funding to help students receive work experience and connect with UAMS on a professional level. Each semester, the program offers 28 students the opportunity to work on campus and significantly reduce the amount of student loan debt after graduation. One of those students…

September 29, 2016

New Student Center Now OPEN!

UAMS Student Center Grand Opening

The UAMS campus bookstore recently transitioned to exclusively providing online services. This change provided the opportunity to re-purpose and renovate the building which previously housed the bookstore into a space designated for students. The new Student Center offers programs and services designed to enhance the academic environment of the University, as well as provide a place for…

July 26, 2016

Why We Live on the UAMS Campus

Why we live on campus at UAMS.

A student made video by UAMS College of Pharmacy students, explaining a few reasons they decided to live on campus.

Therapy Dogs Relieve Stress for Students

UAMS Library Therapy Dog

During the Fall 2013 semester, a program was implemented that brings stress buster dogs – like therapy dogs – into the Library for the purpose of giving students a break from the pressure of studying for looming exams. The Library asked Volunteer Services if therapy dogs working on campus that were already cleared could be made available for students…

Graduation Stories – Robert Middaugh

Robert Middaugh - UAMS College of Nursing Graduate

In 2016, UAMS had its largest ever graduating class with more than 1,000 graduates receiving degrees and certificates from one of UAMS’ six colleges. While the road to completion is different for each graduate, finishing a program gives every UAMS alumnus a solid foundation on which to build a new stage in their lives. “UAMS was…