November 10, 2016

UAMS Rejoins Federal Work-Study Program

This fall, UAMS rejoined the federal work-study program with $100,000 in federal funding to help students receive work experience and connect with UAMS on a professional level. Each semester, the program offers 28 students the opportunity to work on campus and significantly reduce the amount of student loan debt after graduation.

One of those students is Isaiah Ozuna, a Master of Public Health student. Isaiah came to UAMS after graduating from the University of Central Arkansas. He now works in the Office of the University Registrar 12 hours per week.

“One of the immediate benefits is that it’s a job where I get to network with people I would not have met otherwise, like administrators in the college,” said Ozuna. “My previous job was really stressful. There is no way I would have been able to be stay there and still have given 100% to my degree here at UAMS. It was a huge burden that I didn’t want to carry with me through school.”

Work-study students earn $15 per hour and can work 10-12 hours each week during the 16-week fall and spring semesters. This semester, all available work-study positions were filled and initial feedback suggests students are having rewarding experiences.

“I look forward to coming to work each day. Everybody’s nice and I get to gain other skills,” said Ozuna, who has an interest in Global Health and is considering medical school after graduation. “I like to work first hand in communities when things are happening, and since I’ll probably be taking classes forever, this is a great opportunity for me.”

For more information on available student work-study positions at UAMS, please view the UAMS Human Resources site at For more information on work-study in general at UAMS, contact the UAMS Enrollment Services and Academic Administration at 501-296-1275.