July 26, 2016

Graduation Stories – Robert Middaugh

In 2016, UAMS had its largest ever graduating class with more than 1,000 graduates receiving degrees and certificates from one of UAMS’ six colleges. While the road to completion is different for each graduate, finishing a program gives every UAMS alumnus a solid foundation on which to build a new stage in their lives.

“UAMS was the best experience I could have hoped for,” said Robert G. Middaugh B.S.N, Class of 2016. “Finishing up the degree was a great start to my career, and UAMS was a great choice.”

Robert Middaugh and his mother, UAMS College of Nursing faculty member Donna Middaugh PhD.,RN.

Of course for Robert expectations were already well formed. His mother Donna Middaugh PhD.,RN, is the Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Nursing Administration Specialty Coordinator in the College of Nursing. “When he came to me and said he wanted to enter one of my programs I was so happy,” said Dr. Middaugh, “He kind of always knew that he wanted to be in the Health Care field and watching him work his way through was just spectacular. I hope he comes back for graduate school.”